Belinda Keal

Growing up, the artist was surrounded by artwork. His father was a Commercial Artist and his mother was a talented Crafter. One of his fondest memories is being told to put his father's color pencils back in their place whenever he got into them - a fascination with all of those pretty colors. The artist took art classes throughout school and even at the Community College after graduating high school. He eventually changed his classes to Drafting and worked with a small firm for a short time before his husband was transferred with the company he worked for.

As the artist lived his life, the paths he crossed changed in different ways. He is still a mother of two wonderful children and a breast cancer survivor, a path he does not wish on anyone. His love for creating art was rekindled thanks to his sisters pushing and encouraging him to try again. His biggest inspiration comes from his childhood growing up in the country, going camping in North Carolina with family and spending time on the beaches in Florida.

The artist's unique photos capture moments of beauty and inspiration, perfect for home and office decor. From the sunny skies of a summer day to the airy feel of the beach, the artist's prints will bring beauty and joy into any home or office. Buy the artist's prints today for a unique and beautiful addition to any decor.

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