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Belinda Keal

Growing up I was always around or was involved in Artwork. My father was a Commercial Artist and my mother is a talented Crafter. One of my fondest memories is being told to put those back where you found them whenever I got into my father's color pencils. I was fascinated with them. Who wouldn't be with all of those pretty colors?

As we go through life, we cross so many bridges and go down so many paths we often lose small parts of ourselves. This is what happened to me over the years. In school I took art classes every year and even continued to do so at the Community College after graduating high school. Back then we didn't have the internet and it was impressed upon me that making a living as an Artist was not profitable enough to live on, so I changed my classes to Drafting. I completed those classes and held a job with a small firm for a short time. The firm unfortunately did not survive long after my joining the company, and during that time I had married. My husband was transferred with the company he worked for, so this was the start of a whole new path for me, wife and mother of two wonderful children. As time went on those paths changed in different ways, I'm still a mother of two wonderful children. I'm also a breast cancer survivor, one path I don't want to see anyone go down. My newest path has been introduced to me by my sisters. Thanks to one of them posting a drawing I did at the age of 19 on Facebook. They pushed and pushed me to try again and I'm glad they did. Without their support and encouragement, I might not have rediscovered my love for creating Art and the ability to do so is still with me today.

I think my biggest inspiration comes from my childhood growing up in the country, going camping in North Carolina with family and spending time on the beaches in Florida.

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