James Woody
Traditional Artist

James E. Woody

James e. Woody, a self-taught painter, is one of the world's first proclaimed and recognized African-American Abstract Transpersonal Expressionist Artist.

Although his paintings are considered derivatives of the abstract expressionist and action art movements, he classifies his works of art as "Transpersonal", because they are the symbolic reenactment of his own imagination, images of a timeless and internal universe that are reflective in accordance with the knowledge of our time; organic expressions that demonstrate the eternal magic of the human condition.

Woody's paintings are certainly are not just pictures, they are true expressive events with their power being derived from the energy that is generated from creating them. It's noteworthy that Woody's paintings are owned by visionary art luminaries, celebrities and champions of philanthropy. Remember, originals and customized prints are available upon request.


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