Barry Robert Kilmer

Kilmer Barry has been living in Bend, Oregon — the place where the foothills of the Cascades meet the high desert lava plateaus — for the past 24 years. Previously, he was on the west side of Maui for 15 years. With a fascination for Earth’s dynamic geologic systems and the intrinsic beauty of wilderness, Kilmer is willing to hike deep into the wilds to see the pristine beauty of nature. His favorite place to take inspiration is above tree line in the Sequoia-Kings Canyon Wilderness in the Sierra Nevada.

Kilmer’s photos are created using watercolor pigments on Canson Montval art board with his proprietary Colorweave technique. He specializes in creating custom wilderness originals from your favorite adventure photos. Kilmer also offers signed limited edition prints. To support Leave No Trace outdoor ethics awareness and education, 10% of proceeds from Geo Galleries sales go to the cause.

Kilmer’s photos are the perfect addition to any home or office decor. Contact Kilmer Barry via email at for more information and availability.

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