Barry Robert Kilmer

Residing in Bend, Oregon for the last twenty four years, Barry has been captivated by the meeting point of the Cascades' foothills and the high desert lava plateaus. Prior to his time in Bend, he spent fifteen years on Maui's west side, where his love for Earth's geologic systems and the raw beauty of wilderness was ignited. Barry's passion for exploring pristine wilderness and geologically intriguing sites leads him to hike deep into the backcountry for days, seeking inspiration in remote locations like the Sequoia-Kings Canyon Wilderness in the Sierra Nevada.

Inspired by the breathtaking landscapes he encounters, Barry channels his creativity through watercolor pigments on Canson Montval art board using his unique Colorweave technique. He is delighted to offer custom wilderness originals, created from your own adventure photos, as well as signed limited edition prints for purchase. Additionally, he has committed to donating 10% of proceeds from Geo Galleries sales to support Leave No Trace outdoor ethics awareness and education, reflecting his dedication to preserving the natural beauty that inspires his work.

For those interested in bringing a piece of Barry's wilderness-inspired art into their homes or offices, signed limited edition prints are currently in stock and available for purchase. To inquire about availability and learn more about his Colorweave technique, please reach out via email at Don't miss the opportunity to adorn your space with a stunning piece of nature-inspired art from Barry's collection.

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