Belinda Keal

Growing up, the artistic influences in the artist's life were unmistakeable. His father was a Commercial Artist and his mother a talented Crafter. One of the artist's fondest memories was being told to put his father's color pencils back, a reminder of the fascination he had with the vibrant colors.

The artist's path in life has taken many turns. After graduating high school, he pursued his love of art in the form of art classes at a Community College. However, he was also made aware of the need to be practical and so he opted for a career in Drafting. This was a short-lived experience as the firm he worked for did not survive long after his arrival. The artist then married and, with his husband's job roles, started a new life with two children. Along the way, the artist has faced challenges including breast cancer.

The artist has been fortunate enough to have her sisters inspire her to start creating art again. After they posted a drawing she had done at the age of 19 on Facebook, they pushed and encouraged her to try again and she is now thankful for their support.

The artist's biggest source of inspiration comes from her childhood spent in the country, camping in North Carolina and spending time on the beaches of Florida.

For those looking for stunning home decor, the artist's prints are available for purchase. These prints bring the beauty of the artist's inspiration to life, making for a unique and meaningful addition to any home or office.

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