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Belinda Keal

Growing up, art was always around. The artist's father was a Commercial Artist and mother was a talented Crafter. One of the fondest memories was being scolded for getting into the color pencils. Who wouldn't be drawn to the array of colors?

Throughout life, we take many paths and cross many bridges. After finishing high school, the artist attended Community College to take art classes. During this time, the internet was not available, so the artist was told that making a living from art was not a feasible option. This led to the artist taking up classes in Drafting, and eventually a job at a small firm. The firm eventually closed, at which time the artist had already married and had two children. These paths changed in many ways, and eventually the artist was pushed by siblings to rediscover art. This is when the artist realized the love for creating art was still within them.

The biggest inspiration for the artist comes from their childhood. From camping in the North Carolina mountains to spending time on the beaches of Florida, these are the memories that fuel the artist's work. With this work, the artist aspires to bring their home and office decor to life. By purchasing prints of their work, the artist hopes to bring a bit of serenity and beauty to any room.

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