Chris W. Naggy

Appalachian Airbrush
Acme, PA

Born in 1960, the youngest of five brothers, the self-taught artist was inspired by the wild paint jobs his brother used to lay down on his cars. His brother gave him The Art of Custom Painting, authored by Mr. Caiati, the Psychedelic Psycho, which solidified his passion for art. From doodling Rat Fink hot rods to airbrushing t-shirts for his friends while attending vo-tech school, the artist was determined to hone his craft. After two years of high school, he got married and got a job at UPS. After 30 years, he retired from UPS and began working at Napa Auto Parts as a dispatcher.

During his 30 years at UPS, the artist never lost sight of his art. He continued to do artwork to earn extra money while also street rodding a 1953 Chevy pickup. He was even featured in Auto Art Magazine with a portfolio in Sept/Oct issue 2012 and in Sept/Oct 2016 with an how to article titled Just Needs Paint. He joined Latrobe Art Center to try his hand at fine art and even had his own showing in 2006, where he was a nominated finalist at the then Latrobe Art Gala, now renamed after Fred Rodgers.

The artist considers himself a multi-artist as he has explored multiple mediums, including pastels, oils, airbrush inks and urethanes, pin stripping and full paint jobs on cars and bikes, lettering, sign work, and wood craft items. He recently began selling prints of his past and present work, and he is available for commission work.

For those looking to bring art into their home or office, the artist’s prints are now available. With the ability to paint cars, bikes, trucks, and even pets, the artist is ready to work with customers to create the perfect piece. Visit the artist’s website to purchase prints and learn more.

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