Photography by Alessandra Chaves

Alessandra Chaves

Welcome to my gallery. I am a photographer and artist based in the Sacramento area of California.

My collection in Geo Galleries is centered on the beauty, sensual curves, texture, and ephemeral nature of botanical forms.

Each image can be purchased as a print at the sizes indicated, unframed and unmated for easy shipping. I also offer a few matted and framed prints. Since matting and framing are very personal, I strongly encourage you to contact me directly to customize your print consistent with the several options offered by FinerWorks.

If you want to know more about me, or if you need to contact me, I invite you to click on the live link above, which will take you to my website and a contact form. Don't be a stranger! Feel free to contact me with any concerns, requests or just stop by to say hallo!

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