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Danny C. Riggs

There are two aspects to art that are inherent in people: to appreciate and to create. Some are proficient in one or the other and some do well in both areas.

Danny began His art journey a few days before he was deployed to Somalia. He had a vision in his mind of a snail on a large blade of grass, looking over an old can of baked beans with other grasses around it. He had a compulsion that he can’t explain to paint the picture. He borrowed some watercolors from his daughter, created the picture, then left the country, thinking no more about it. It was in France, again as part of his military service, that the desire to paint returned, and he bought his first watercolors in Marsallies. Every time he moved he sought instructors in the medium he wanted to pursue at that time. He now works in acrylic, watercolors, and oils. He took his paints with him to both jungle and desert environments.

Although he loves his native Texas he lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, but still enjoys traveling with his wife to far flung places, art supplies at hand. Landscapes, still life, and occasionally portraiture are his subject matters, with a mix of spiritual subjects as well. His works are basically in private collections.

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