Chris W. Naggy

Appalachian Airbrush
Acme, PA

Born in 1960, the youngest of five brothers, the self-taught artist was inspired by his older brother's customizing of cars in the 70's. His brother's wild paint jobs amazed him and so when he was given a book, The Art of Custom Painting, by author Mr. Caiati, the Psychedelic Psycho, the artist was hooked. His talent in art was even noted by his teacher in school. At 16, he bought his first airbrush and air compressor and started airbrushing t-shirts for friends. After high school, he worked for UPS for 30 years before retiring in 2010 and now works as a dispatcher for Napa Auto Parts.

Throughout the years, the artist had done artwork on the side to supplement his income, including Rat Fink style hot rods and murals. In 2006, he had his own showing at Latrobe Art Center and was a nominated finalist at the then Latrobe Art Gala. He has been featured in Auto Art Magazine twice, with a portfolio in the Sept/Oct issue of 2012 and an how-to article titled Just Needs Paint in the 2016 issue.

The artist has now decided to pursue his art further and is looking to sell prints of his past work and future creations. He is also willing to do commission pieces for those who wish to have their car, bike, truck, pet, or other item painted.

The artist invites you to view their work and purchase prints for home and office decor. With each purchase, you are supporting the artist's passion for art and helping to bring their ideas to life.

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