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Chris W. Naggy

Appalachian Airbrush
Acme, PA

A self-taught artist born in 1960 youngest of five brothers. My older brothers were into cars back in the 70’s always customizing them in some way. One brother used to lay done some wild paint jobs on his cars that always amazed me at the time. He gave me a book, which I still have today titled The Art of Custom Painting. The author was Mr. Caiati, the Psychedelic Psycho. Once I got that book in my hands I was hooked! I always liked art in school. My teacher said I had talent, lol! I used to doodle a lot. I liked drawing Rat Fink style hot rods. At the age of 16 I went down to Sears and bought my first airbrush and air compressor. I started airbrushing t-shirts for my buddy’s while attending vo-tech school for auto mechanics. I used to paint t-shirts, murals, and learning my craft the hard way, trial and error! Two years out of high school I got married and got a job at UPS. 2 kids and 30 years later retired from UPS in 2010 and now working at Napa auto parts as a dispatcher. I did artwork throughout the years on the side earning extra money to help pay bills and pay to street rod a 1953 Chevy pickup. Which I still am working on. I ran into my old art teacher one year and she asked what I had ever done with my art talent? It was then that I joined Latrobe art center to try my hand at fine art. I really like fine art because it is very challenging to me. I had my own showing at Latrobe Art Center in 2006 and was also a nominated finalist at the then Latrobe Art Gala. Now renamed after Fred Rodgers. Latrobe High School has the largest private collection of art hanging on the school walls. I no longer belong to the center because I really don’t have the time to commit myself fully as I think I should. I consider myself a multi artist as I really haven't settled on one medium yet. I've done pastels, oils, airbrush inks and urethanes along with pin stripping and full paint jobs on cars and bikes. Some lettering and sign work also. And most recently some wood craft items for craft shows. I was featured in Auto Art Magazine with a portfolio in Sept/Oct issue 2012 and in Sept/Oct 2016 with an how to article titled Just Needs Paint. Demonstrating how to take a motorcycle tank from start to finish including painted decal lettering. I am looking to sell some prints of my past work and also of my work to come. I have many ideas for works rolling around in my head. Also looking to do commission work on request of cars, bikes, trucks, pets, etc. It gives you a special feeling when you do a commission piece for someone. Just that look in their eye is unreal. A lot of people over the years said I need to do something with my art. Especially my mother may she rest in peace. So I'm trying! So if you see something you like please order a print or item. If you want something painted feel free to contact me and we can discuss the details. Thank you for checking out my website!


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