Anders Mikael Lilleberg

Anders Mikael Lilleberg

ALM Pictures
San Antonio, TX

Anders Lilleberg is a photographer and filmmaker born in Fargo, N.D in 1985. Lilleberg graduated from The New York Film Academy in 2006 and is currently based at the Blue Star Arts Complex in San Antonio, Texas. Lilleberg's credits his influences from filmmakers such as David Lynch, Paul Thomas Anderson, Federico Fellini, and Stanley Kubrick. Anders Lilleberg has several films in development, including a documentary in collaboration with Robert Tatum and a Neo Film Nair entitled, “Weeding Eden.” Lilleberg has filmed and directed several music videos for Bryson Brooks, Education Rock Music and Sweet Carbonneau & the Fur Trappers , We Leave at Midnight and has worked with CBS, Hewlett Packard, Ballet San Antonio, and SAFilm.


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