Anders Mikael Lilleberg

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San Antonio, TX

Anders Lilleberg, a talented photographer and filmmaker, was born in Fargo, N.D in 1985. After graduating from The New York Film Academy in 2006, he found himself drawn to the vibrant arts scene in San Antonio, Texas, where he is currently based at the Blue Star Arts Complex. Lilleberg credits his unique style and creative vision to the influences of legendary filmmakers such as David Lynch, Paul Thomas Anderson, Federico Fellini, and Stanley Kubrick.

With several films in development, including a documentary collaboration with Robert Tatum and a Neo Film Noir project titled “Weeding Eden,” Lilleberg continues to push the boundaries of storytelling through his visual artistry. In addition to his film work, Lilleberg has also made a name for himself in the music industry, having filmed and directed music videos for a variety of talented artists such as Bryson Brooks, Education Rock Music, Sweet Carbonneau & the Fur Trappers, We Leave at Midnight, and John Charles Daily. His diverse portfolio also includes commercial work for companies like CBS, Hewlett Packard, Ballet San Antonio, and SAFilm.

Lilleberg's captivating photos and films are not just meant to be admired, but to be displayed in homes and offices as stunning decor pieces that spark conversation and inspire creativity. Whether you are a fan of photography, film, or both, consider adding Anders Lilleberg's work to your collection today.

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