Allan Hagen

A photographer by day and a magician and performer by night, this artist's dual passions have taken them on incredible journeys around the world. They began their career in the film industry, working behind the camera on various projects before deciding to focus on performing full time. Wanting to continue their love of visual storytelling, they turned to photography to capture and enrich their travels.

Believing in photography as a craft akin to the sleight-of-hand magic they perform, this artist shoots exclusively on analog film using two iconic cameras - a Leica M6 for 35mm film and a Hasselblad 501C for medium format 120mm film. The results are stunning analog and cinematic images that evoke a sense of nostalgia and timelessness in a modern world. Each print purchased from them not only captures a moment in time, but also holds the legacy of traditional photography methods.

With a unique blend of photography and magic, this artist's prints are perfect for decorating both home and office spaces. Their work not only adds a touch of elegance and artistry to any room, but also invites viewers to appreciate the beauty of traditional photography techniques. Purchase a print today and bring a piece of their enchanting world into your own space.

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