Allan Hagen

As a professional in the entertainment industry, this photographer has seen the world in all its glory, from the stunning visuals of film to the craftsmanship of photography.

Before pursuing performance full time, the artist attended film school, and worked in the film industry, shooting music videos, commercials, and even a feature documentary.

Through it all, the artist has never lost the passion for visual storytelling, and has found in photography a medium to capture and commemorate the sights they have seen in their travels.

This artist treats photography like a craft, akin to the magic they perform, and has chosen two of the most reliable cameras, a Leica M6 for 35mm film and a Hasselblad for medium format 120mm film, to create beautiful analog and cinematic images.

When you purchase one of their prints, you are not just getting a beautiful piece of work, but you are also getting a piece of history, as all of their photos are taken with those cameras and not manipulated on the computer. Show your appreciation for this artist's work and buy their prints for your home and office decor.

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