Lesia Barnes

Oakland, CA

Fine Arts and Designer Mission Statement

The Now Narrative

LBEntys is the oHQ of the LB Brands. Lesia Barnes is the Establisher and S-E CEO of LBEntys: LBoAGallery; LBDesigns; and variations of LBDesigns. In her role of Arts Director, she represents LBoAGallery, the online gallery for debut and exhibit of the LB collections of Brand-new avocational arts and design created seasonally. In her role of Design Director, she represents LBDesigns and any current and future variations of LBDesigns, in collaboration with reputable online galleries, online marketplaces, including IP contract licensing agreement options. LBDesigns is the recognized signature of the LB Brand name of purposeful prints and items of seasonalities, seasonally. Purposeful prints, from LBDesigns, include avocational arts and design of modern-day art prints created and available for an online audience ranging from personal art collectors to entity art collectors. Seasonalities, seasonally, from LBDesigns, include avocational arts and design created for designer lifestyle products available ready-made or made customizable for LB Brand name loyal Members and Customers via reputable online galleries and marketplaces.

" ... purposeful prints ... " and " ... seasonalities, seasonally ..." available here via LBDesigns | GEO Galleries ...

Descriptive Résumé

Experience|| Establisher and S-E CEO, LBEntys: Arts Director, LBoAGallery and Design Director, LBDesigns, January 2020 to currently. Education|| A.A. Degree, Social Sciences, including fine arts and design courses, from Laney College; Certificate of Completion, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, from Blackstone Career Institute; Certificate of Completion, from LexisNexis® and current continuing education, volunteer experiences: school libraries and medical centers, sustaining portfolios, avocational interests, and archived details of previous education and experiences. Additional Information||


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