Lesia Barnes

Oakland, CA

(Special Note: California scheduled to reopen June 15, 2021 from state of the pandemic ...)

Fine Arts and Designer Mission Statement

The Now Narrative

LBEntys is the oHQ of the LB Brands. Lesia Barnes is the Establisher and S-E CEO of LBoAGallery; LBDesigns; variations of LBDesigns; and LBColors Consultancy.

In her role of Arts Director, she represents LBoAGallery, the online art gallery for debut and exhibit of the LB collections of Brand-new avocational arts and design created seasonally.

In her role of Design Director, she represents LBDesigns and any current and future variations of LBDesigns, in collaboration with reputable online galleries and online marketplaces established with teams of dedicated individuals, behind-the-scenes, appreciated for helping to make Divine Order possible for ultimate quality and trusted results for online customer communication experiences for each of the current five online platforms.

LBDesigns is the recognized signature of the LB Brand name of purposeful prints and items of seasonalities, seasonally. Items of seasonalities and purposeful prints, from LBDesigns, include some of today’s distinguished, celebrated, and original avocational arts, design, and photography of ongoing creations that are items ready-made or made customizable, resulting in sizeable selections of collections containing the following: A. varieties of select, coordinated categories of seasonal items and B. modern-day wall art prints in a variety of sizes: 1. The Petite Wall Art Collection by LBDesigns, 2. The Popular Wall Art Collection by LBDesigns; and 3. The Tour of Seasons, Signature Wall Art Collection by LBDesigns. Abstracts of arts and design by LBDesigns and the LBoAGallery are categorized within four main collections: 1) In Spring Season Collection, 2) In Summer Season Collection, 3) In Autumn Season Collection, and 4) In Winter Season Collection perhaps for selections of thoughtful gifts for occasions; for coordinating style with select décor, accents, and wall arts to some home rooms; and for new and seasoned residential and entity art collectors. In addition, IP licensing contracts agreement are options to consider.

" ... purposeful prints ... " and " ... seasonalities, seasonally ..." available here via LBDesigns | GEO Galleries ...

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