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Traditional Artist

Dawn Richerson

WELCOME! My art is a celebration of being on the way. I am inspired by the Soul of Nature, the Soul of Place and this Spirited Life. I hope every photograph and painting connects you to your essential story of life and all that is alive in you.

ABOUT THE ARTIST • Inspired by variations on the theme of life, the soul of place and dreams of a new world, Dawn's paintings from the soul for the soul connect you to your essential story of life. Many of her paintings evoke soul remembrances of shared truths and a vision for a whole new way forward together. Dawn is the creator of Lifeseeds, a core curriculum to come to LIFE and Live In Full Expression and founder of the Life Path Online Learning Center.

ARTIST STATEMENT • I see art as invitation to life. My paintings invite you to connect to your essential story and what matters most. By exploring inner and outer landscapes, from the territory of the soul to inspiring vistas and inspiration from nature, I as the artist connect to the movement of Spirit through life. But the story is only complete when you enter into a sacred conversation with your heart and soul and into the dance of your life.

ARTIST QUOTE • "We move through life disconnected from what matters most. My art supports you as you awaken the world within, find their forward flow, and embrace a new vision for remembering the light, life, and love you are at your core. I seek to capture the wonder and mystery of ever-changing landscapes and convey what is forever fixed in the soul’s memory. I hope my paintings connect you to your essential story of life and inspire you to share your own fine gifts of original design."

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