Art of Drew VahnBrun
Traditional Artist

Drew N. Vahnbrun

Espanola, NM

Andrew N Brunner aka Drew VahnBrun

Born in Marion County Indiana. Currently resides in Santa Fe County the state of New Mexico, USA.

Influential Inspirations:

From Van Gogh to Walt Disney, from George Lucas to HR. Giger and so many others. Science Fiction and Fantasy

Art Field Education:

Antonelli Institute Graphic Design and Photography.

Color Theory, Graphic Design, Commercial Art and Typography.

Artistry: 30+ Years

Multidisciplinary Artist and Performer

Other Forms of Income:

Handyman Services, Elastomeric/Silicone Roof Sealer Coatings, General Property Maintenance, Landscape and Water Features/Falls and Ponds, Water Acclamation, Aquatic Care, Stage Design, Prop Master, Recycle Arts/Costumes and various roles periodically within the Theatre/Film/Movie Industry. Self Employed 20+ years.

Father to five children. Three sons and two daughters.


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