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Yvette Michele Booth

Artist Yvette Michele
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Yvette Michele is an international and established award winning visual artist specializing in multi-art disciplines. Her evolving work is a magnificent blend of contemporary image making that will truly transform any space.

Her art pushes the boundaries of conventional forms of art, integrating technology with fine arts photography and multiple mediums of painting and sculpting. Rather than be confined to one medium, she explores a variety mediums to create original works of art of the finest quality & timeless iconic style.

Her award winning visual signature technique is titled “The Original Sculptured Canvas”. She has showcased her art in the national exhibitions Art Basel, ArtPrize upcoming Art Expo New York. Internationally she has debuted a solo exhibition and commissioned art services.

Yvette serves the South Florida Community in public and philanthropic art endeavors. She is a Fort Lauderdale based artist who offers a variety of art services in addition to her fine art offerings.

She creates art for private collectors, the design community in residential and commercial designs.

Art Services for private and commercial designs include:

• Art Commissions

• Art Design Planning

• Art Consulting

• Large Wall Art

Trade partner for designers & architects

Art products & services include original works, commissions & art consultations.

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