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Greetings, art lovers, and welcome to my Gallery Shop. You will notice art here is covered with a watermark. This will, of course, not be present on your final prints!

Why I chose to use GeoGalleries:

GeoGalleries allows me to provide you with excellent customer service from purchase to delivery, using industry-leading products. Another advantage of GeoGalleries is the ability to customize the framing. This has allowed me to select high-quality frames that suit each work of art while maintaining the original aspect ratios of each image. You will have the unique experiences of choosing the sizes, medium, matting and framing which will look best on your wall!

How to browse the gallery:

Browse the gallery by clicking the categories on the left of this page. **WAIT FOR THE IMAGES TO COMPLETELY LOAD.** From there you can create whatever sized of print you would like, choose the paper, matte, frame and more. There are also wood and metal prints, so take a thorough look at the products to see what you like. I am currently working on a series of original collage pieces for print to digital. If you'd like to be added to my contact list please visit this link and enter your email address:

My creative processes:

I've just concluded a long trip through the world of surrealism. Surrealism allows for interpretive viewing, which I appreciate in this art form. Collage art with acrylics, paper, and any other compositional pieces I can find is my favorite medium. These prints are always vibrant and rich in detail. I prefer to work alone, with music playing in the background. I don't rush the process; instead, I appreciate watching art emerge from me at its own pace.

About Me:

I grew up in Sam Fife's Move of God, an end-of-the-world evangelical cult. "Cult Child," a memoir I wrote about my traumatic childhood, is available on Amazon.

I've always enjoyed drawing. Because everything in my environment was regulated as a child, I often sketched horses, faces, flowers, and limited subjects because I didn't have the opportunity to be creative. I was able to leave this setting and return to my uniqueness and natural creative flow for many years.

When I was in college, it was a watershed moment in my artistic career. I took art classes there, which helped me to understand different approaches and enhance my creative methods. I moved to the Puget Sound after my education in 1994.

My artwork was displayed at the first cult conference for children raised in cults, held by the International Cultic Studies Association in 2014. In Tacoma, WA, I also participate in our local Art Walk.

This business was intended to offer my art in the goal of evoking emotion and stimulating deeper thought. If you have any questions, I hope you will contact me.

Applications for Art:

Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Airbnb's, and Home.

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