Travis Vermilye

Travis Vermilye is a digital media artist and Associate Professor in the Digital Design and Illustration Areas at the University of Colorado Denver. Through his work, he is inspired by science and the natural world, often studying and photographing microorganisms such as lichen, algae, fungi, and slime molds. He also takes in the visual pleasures of his hikes in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Travis is a Professional Member of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators and a member of The Design To Improve Life Education Academy. His work as a photographer captures the beauty of the natural world, from microscopic organisms to breathtaking landscapes.

As a digital media artist, Travis Vermilye offers quality prints of his work for home and office decor. His photos can bring a unique, natural feel to any living or working space. Invest in a piece of art that captures the beauty of nature and support the work of a professional artist.

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