Tracie Hodgson
Traditional Artist

Tracie Hodgson

Tracie Hodgson
Stayton, OR

Do you remember the first time art really moved you?

For me, it was in Paris. The d’Orsay Museum. Standing in front of “The Poppy Field”. It pulled me in. I knew those people, lived in that house, could smell the fresh spring air. I will never forget that feeling. Intense and emotional.

Each time I create something that memory floods back. The creative process itself has become full of healing. A way to express emotions what might otherwise lie buried. It brings joy, excitement, anticipation of what might be. Sharing that process with others brings a similar feeling. Helping someone know where to start in their creative path; tune in to their intuition; work through emotions. Seeing their excitement, a curtain opening in their world. That is true joy to me.

It all started very young. I loved to draw. To lose myself in art, coloring, shaping playdough. I remember the sheer joy of it, the focus. The complete lack of judgment about the results.

Fast forward more than a few years. Art became my work as a muralist.

Business crept into my creativity. Critiquing. Renderings, approvals, color matching. I returned to pastels to go back in time. Adult crayons. To that innocent time when art was play. When voices didn’t ring through my head.You’re not any good… That’s not the right color…. Now, I paint for the sheer joy of it. To get lost in the process. To capture a feeling, not a likeness. To look at the beauty of creation with fresh eyes. To work art into the nooks and crannies of my life as often as I possibly can.


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