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Barry Treu

For the past six years, I have devoted my efforts to painting animals and landscapes. Pet portraits are also a growing specialty. If you are interested in a pet portrait, please reach out to me at my email.

Threatened and Endangered, the bird portrait series started at the beginning of the pandemic shut down in March 2020. By zooming in on the head of the bird, I hoped to make it seem more of an individual than a flock member. I hope they engage the viewer on a more personal level. Each bird portrayed is on the 2020 list of threatened and endangered birds in Illinois.

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The profit for the canvas on board and smooth cotton paper print is $11.50 each. Of that $5.00 will go to the Audubon Society. The canvas on board print is ready to put on the wall with 3M command strips. The smooth cotton paper print will need to be framed or mounted. FYI: Michaels offers pre-matted frames with 8-inch square openings.

The framed canvas print (no glass needed) is matted and ready to hang.

The profit on that is $13.36. Of that, $6.00 will go to the Audubon Society.

If you can afford to order more than one, each item will add more to the amount given to the Audubon Society, and a set of them on your wall will look very nice as well!

Thank you

Barry Treu

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