Foodart by Thea Herzig
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Thea Herzig


Thea Herzig,1969, was born in Germany, but has lived and worked in Switzerland for 30 years. She is a pastel artist who has dedicated herself to "food art". In large-format paintings, fruits and vegetables are arranged into so-called "food patterns" and interpret the classic still life in her own way.

Art Practice

All motifs are arranged, photographed and assembled by the artist. From a large number of photos, the final composition of the picture is created through sketchy preliminary drafts.

The artist applies the pigments mainly with her fingers and thus, in a very slow process, the hyper-realistic "food patterns" emerge, which want to seduce you to bite into one of the depicted apples or pears.


- Fine artists Bernese Oberland Bkbeo since 2017 (

- KunstInternational, Stuttgart since 2018 (

- Pastel Guild of Europe since 2020 (

- International Association of Pastel Societies since 2020 (

Artistic training

- Scientific drawing, School of Design Bern

- Nude drawing, School of Design Bern

- Old Masters - egg tempera technique, school of design Bern

- Book illustration by Maya Delaquis (, SfGB

- Digital photography and old photographic techniques by Simon Stähli 2013/14, SfGB

- Free pastel painting with Astrid Volquardsen, Hamburg ( 2012, 2013 and 2017


- July 2020 Three-part exhibition at the Unterseen Art Collection

- January 2020 "Art market on the Gurten", Gallery Hess, Bern

- April 2019 "ART19", exhibition of the association bkbeo

- February 2019 "Opposites" double exhibition, Galerie Rosengarten Thun

- January 2019 "Silent Time", Unterseen Art Collection

- April 2018 "ART18", exhibition of the association bkbeo

- January 2018 "Silent Time", Unterseen Art Collection

- Nov-Jan 2017 Art supermarket, Solothurn

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