John T. Jones

Granbury, TX

John Jones, known professionally as Studio JTJ, is a fine art digital artist based in Central Texas. His art is focused on creative portraits and digital paintings, and his work has been published in the International magazine Living The Photo Artistic Life, Ramona Home Journal Magazine, Julian Journal Magazine, and Johnny Mc Donalds racing writings, as well as receiving honorable mention at the San Diego County Fair.

John started his photography journey with a Yashica Mat 24 borrowed from his father in the late teens, having moved to digital photography in the mid-80s with a Nikon FA. He has since gone through a number of digital cameras, including the D50, D100, D200, and D800, and he has also worked with Canon. With digital photography, he has been able to enter the world of art, editing his photos to create unique art pieces.

John Jones' work is internationally recognized, and now you can bring his art into your home or office. Purchase prints of his unique digital paintings and creative portraits to spice up any room.

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