John T. Jones

Granbury, TX

John Jones, the owner of Studio JTJ in Central Texas, is a Fine Art Digital Artist with a passion for creative portraits and paintings. His work has been featured in the International magazine Living The Photo Artistic Life, Ramona Home Journal Magazine, San Diego County Fair, Julian Journal Magazine, and Johnny Mc Donalds racing writings. Jones has also placed in multiple photo and art contests.

Jones began his photography journey in the late teens when he borrowed his dad's Yashica Mat 24 camera. By the mid 80s, he had upgraded to a Nikon FA. Jones made the digital transition with a D50, D100, d200, and D800, and has since adopted Canon as well. With digital technology, Jones was able to explore the artistry of photography and develop his fine art digital painting style.

John Jones' work is a visual representation of his creative vision. His prints make a perfect addition to any home or office decor. Visit Studio JTJ today to see John Jones' impressive portfolio and purchase one of his beautiful pieces.

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