Bryan Knox

Studio Idiom
Staunton, VA

Born on May 6, 1965 in Cherry Hill, NJ, Bryan Knox grew up surrounded by the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Allegheny Highlands as the second of six children. After graduating high school, he pursued his passion for art by attending the Central Academy of Commercial Art in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he earned a degree in Commercial Art and Advertising. His career in the advertising industry led him to Chicago, IL, where he worked in print production studios and advertising agencies, attributing much of his early works to the stress of the fast-paced environment.

Following two decades in Chicago, Bryan relocated to central Kentucky for five years, where he continued to work with advertising agencies while exploring his artistic endeavors. During this time, he began translating his images onto T-shirts and cards, which he sold at craft fairs and festivals in and around Lexington, KY. It was during this period that Bryan's art began to evolve and take shape into what it is today. Currently, he resides in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, drawing inspiration from the abundant references surrounding him.

Naming his studio 'Studio Idiom', Bryan believed it best encapsulated the essence of his art. An idiom is described as a style of artistic expression unique to an individual, perfectly representing Bryan's artistic journey. His creative process involves interpreting ideas and feelings onto paper, capturing moments with intensity and transforming them into still forms. Bryan's work is a reflection of his experiences and perceptions, encapsulated in his unique artistic style. For those looking to add a touch of creativity to their home or office decor, prints of Bryan Knox's work are available for purchase.

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