Bryan Knox

Studio Idiom
Staunton, VA

The second of six children, Bryan Knox was born May 6, 1965 in Cherry Hill, NJ. and raised between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Allegheny Highlands.

After High School he attended collage at Central Academy of Commercial Art in Cincinnati, Ohio and received a degree in Commercial Art and Advertising. Directly after he moved to Chicago, IL. to work in print production studios and later advertising agencies. Bryan contributes most of his earlier works to the stress of the advertising industry.

After spending 20 years in Chicago, Bryan moved to central Kentucky for five years and continued to work with advertising agencies and follow his art. Around this time he began translating his images onto T-shirts and cards which where sold at craft fairs and festivals in and around Lexington, KY. At this point in his life Bryan's art began to transform and became the basis of what it is today.

He currently resides in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, where he can "gather inspiration from an overflowing well of reference".

The name 'Studio Idiom' was chosen he felt it best described what the studio was about. One of the definitions of the word idiom is; a style of artistic expression characteristic of a particular individual. Since Studio Idiom is all about the art of Bryan Knox he thought it was perfect.

"I do not feel I am an artist by choice. I have an idea or a feeling and I begin to draw, interpreting what I am experiencing onto paper. Lines with notation of color and medium is how it starts; perceptions of a moment in the form of faces and figures is usually how it ends. I attempt to capture instances with as much intensity as I experience them. Recreating the idea into a still form, a moment." Bryan Knox

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