Henry Strickland

Strickland Stills
San Tan Valley, AZ

Henry, a well established professional photographer based in Arizona, discovered his passion for art at a young age in Mesa, Arizona. With interests in drawing, illustration, and photography, he began his journey into the world of photography at the age of fifteen when he purchased a used Canon T50 35mm film camera. This purchase sparked his understanding and evolution of the medium in which his art would continue to thrive.

Throughout his thirties, Henry used his camera primarily for family events and general purposes. However, as he entered his mid-thirties, he decided to invest in more camera equipment and lenses to expand his skills and capture new perspectives. He dedicated himself to developing his craft and enhancing his ability to create visually stunning photographs.

Currently, Henry spends his time traveling to various regions of Arizona in search of his next great photograph. With a collection of professional-level lenses and multiple digital camera bodies, he has equipped himself to capture the beauty of historical buildings, architecture, landscapes, automotive scenes, agriculture, engineering, and portraits. He has also revisited his roots in photography by utilizing medium format and 35mm film cameras, processing his own film once again.

Discover the stunning collection of prints created by Henry, each showcasing his unique perspective and artistic vision. Perfect for home or office decor, these photos are sure to add a touch of elegance and intrigue to any space. Purchase your favorite prints today and bring a piece of Henry's artistry into your own surroundings.

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