Henry Strickland

Strickland Stills
San Tan Valley, AZ

Henry is a well established professional photographer located in Arizona. He grew up in Mesa, Arizona having an interest in several forms of art such as drawing, illustration and photography.

He began his journey into photography at the very young age of fifteen when he purchased a used Canon T50 35mm film camera with the standard 50mm lens from a pawn shop. Using this camera he began to understand and evolve what medium his art would continue in.

Continuing into his thirties he used his camera for "general purposes" i.e. pictures of his own family events....

In his mid thirties he began to develop his skills further and began investing into more camera equipment and lenses to gain a new view on what his camera could capture.

Henry currently spends his time traveling to different regions of Arizona on the hunt for his next great photograph. He has also upgraded his toolkit with serveral professional level lenses and multiple digital camera bodies. Henry has also, went back to his roots of photography a bit and began creating photographs with a medium format and 35mm film camera and processing his own film again.

Henry enjoys world history, historical buildings, architecture, Arizona landscapes, automotive, agriculture, engineering and portrait photography.

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