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Starky Rubble

Starky Rubble
San Antonio, TX

I am Starky Rubble, a digital person, and this is my story.

In my physical period I wore many hats. Here is a selection: Eagle Scout, clerk, short order cook, skilled machinist, shopkeeper, hippie, hubby, dad, mechanic, jug player, psychedelic evangelist, organizer, outside agitator, criminal element, public speaker, prisoner, communard, builder, programmer, ISP, immigrant, but mostly I was a builder, then a programmer. I have always been a politico & appreciated the arts.

Recently, I was reshaped by misfortune, scalpel. and saw, making me a monopod..This transformational event caused me to let go of what I was, to look around and ask "What will I become?"

I saw that I had become my avatar, Starky Rubble, and that I needed to start a new phase and unleash my inner artist.

Rorschach blots, unique to every viewer, and symmetry have long intrigued me and I have been working with them for some time. My 'Folded Light' and 'inner Space' series are examples of that exploration.

I have been talking about climate change since Al Gore & Tim Wirth brought it to America's attention around 1990 and that concern shows up in my eponymous 'Western Wildfires' series inspired by the unprecedented fires that ravaged or destroyed towns ranging from Lytton, BC to Boulder Creek, CA and beyond.

I've enjoyed science fiction & fantasy since I was a kid and that interest inspires my 'Many Worlds' and 'Distant Places' series of pictures.

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