Stacey Mayer

Imagine a young Stacey Mayer, galloping on horseback across the rolling hills north of Seattle. It was here, amidst the wild beauty of the Pacific Northwest, where she cultivated a deep appreciation for the equine form that would later become a cornerstone of her artistic body of work. As she navigated through life and motherhood, raising four daughters in this vibrant city, her artistic repertoire expanded, embracing a wide range of themes from the fantastical to the figurative.

Globally, Stacey's distinctive artwork has graced the pages of international magazines, creating a unique, easily identifiable brand that transcends borders. She is not only a master of traditional art forms but has also embraced the digital age with aplomb. Frequently, you can find her abstract pieces, generative art, and equine-themed NFTs on leading NFT marketplaces, a testament to her versatility and adaptability as an artist.

But Stacey's art is more than just a means of expression; it's a lifeline. Her artwork is a beacon of hope and support for her eight-year-old grandson, Benjamin. Stricken with a rare pediatric cardiopulmonary disease, PAH, Benjamin finds solace in his grandmother's art's bright colors and bold strokes. Together, they paint in Stacey's sun-drenched Central Texas studio, their shared passion for art bridging the gap between generations and giving them a bond as vibrant as the canvases they create.

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