Sonya Cromwell

Sonya Marie Cromwell, originally from the low country of James Island, South Carolina, brings the vibrant flavors of the South and beyond to life through her artwork. Currently residing in the Washington, DC area, Sonya has also lived in Atlanta, Georgia, Tampa Bay Florida, and Jackson, Mississippi, each place influencing her art in unique ways. Her use of bold colors and depiction of African American and African culture in "Black folk"ure Art captures the simplicity and happiness present in these communities.

As a mother, sister, daughter, friend, and community artist, Sonya defines herself through her relationships and her passion for creating art that invokes joy. Through her paintings, she aims to inspire feelings of joy, laughter, faith, hope, love, giving, and beauty, while also recognizing the greatness of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Many of her pieces are rooted in Christian worship in the Southern Black Church, adding an extra layer of depth and meaning to her work.

Sonya's recent collections, such as "And He Breathed on Them" and the Colonial Architecture series, further showcase her creativity and dedication to honoring African American heritage and history. With limited edition prints available, Sonya's art is accessible to people from all walks of life and backgrounds, spreading joy and beauty across the globe. Whether for home or office decor, Sonya's prints are sure to brighten any space with their vibrant colors and meaningful themes. Don't miss the opportunity to bring a piece of Sonya's unique artistry into your life.

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