Sonya Cromwell

Enjoy the flavor of the South and other places around the globe through art as experienced by Sonya Marie Cromwell raised in the low country of James Island, South Carolina just across the Ashley River from Charleston. Now living in the Washington, DC area by way of Atlanta, Georgia, Tampa Bay Florida and Jackson, Mississippi, Sonya brings the community to life with her bold use of color as she depicts the simplicity of happy African American and African culture through "Black folk"ure Art. Sonya defines herself mostly as a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend and a community artist.

When looking at her art, Sonya wants to invoke joy. The specific purpose of her paintings is to invoke joy, laughter, faith, hope, love, giving and beauty in complete recognition of the greatness of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. Many of her paintings have their foundation in Christian worship in the Southern Black Church.

Recently, Sonya added several collections to include tha And He Breathed on Them” which depicts clothing in a clothes line blowing in the wind which is the Holy Ghost. There are 9 paintings in this collection. Another collection depicts Colonial Architecture while giving honor to the slaves who built these structures.

This art is for the enjoyment of everyone from all walks of life and backgrounds, having few limited edition prints with the intent of reaching the largest number of people around the globe.

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