Sean Mcwilliams

Palmetto Creative Enterprises, LLC
Moncks Corner, SC

Based in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, Sean McWilliams is a versatile artist with a deep connection to the sea. Growing up as a "Navy" brat, he has always been drawn to coastal areas, fostering a special affinity for all things nautical. His childhood by the ocean paved the way for his passion for researching original documents related to lighthouses in the United States. Despite the damages and degradation suffered over time, Sean saw the beauty in these historic documents and was inspired to digitally restore them with meticulous care.

With a keen eye for detail, Sean meticulously repairs the damages, defects, and degradations in these vintage documents, ensuring that their original beauty and craftsmanship are preserved. His restoration work often involves intricate repairs on a minuscule scale, sometimes as small as a single pixel. In addition to his work with these historic treasures, Sean is also a talented voice-over artist and is currently working on his first non-fiction book.

As Sean continues to rescue these items from history and restore them to their former glory, new works are constantly being added to his collection. For those looking to bring a touch of vintage charm and maritime history into their homes or offices, Sean's restored prints are the perfect choice. Don't miss the opportunity to own a piece of history and support this talented artist in his mission to share the magnificence of these treasures with the world.

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