Sandra E. O'toole

Scenic Corner
Newbury Park, CA

April 1966 was a special month for the sunny town of Southern California. That month, a new artist was born who would go on to create a unique way of connecting humankind with the beauty of nature. This artist enjoyed camping, hiking, and fishing, and as a mother of two beautiful daughters and a beloved grandson, she found solace in the act of creating art.

From a young age, this artist had a fascination with the wild creatures that roamed the Earth, and felt a serenity whenever she was out photographing them. Rain or shine, she'd venture out to capture the beauty of the natural world. Through her photos, she wanted to convey the true nature of the places she'd explored.

In 2006, this artist created a platform for sharing her photos with the public. She wanted to show the world the scenic corners of our planet, and inspire people to get out into the wilderness and experience its splendor. Now, she invites you to bring that same outdoor beauty into your home or office. Purchase her prints today and experience nature in your own corner of the world.

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