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Sandra E. O'toole

Scenic Corner
Newbury Park, CA

I was born in sunny, southern California in April 1966. I enjoy camping, hiking, and fishing. I'm a mother of two beautiful daughters, and I have a grandson I absolutely adore. I love to draw, paint, illustrate, and photograph. Art has always been my happy place.

Ever since childhood, I have been amazed by the wild creatures that roam our beautiful planet. Nature speaks to me in a way that soothes my soul. I find serenity when I'm out there photographing. I have photographed in all types of weather. Sometimes I find the animals I'm looking and for, and sometimes I see nothing. Either way, it doesn't matter, as it's a joy, just to be out there in the wild. Our natural world is so spectacular. There is so much to see.

I created Scenic Corner in 2006, as a way to share my art, nature, wildlife photography with the public. There are many scenic corners on Earth, and I wanted to share the places I've seen. I hope my artwork reveals the true nature of the fascinating places I've explored. I want to encourage people to get out in the wilderness and enjoy its splendor.

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