Ed Sasse

Milford, PA

The artist's journey to recover from a personal tragedy led them to look to the past for inspiration and to create the contemporary art series, "Purple Circle Series". Being nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other, the artist has had to rely on math and geometry to navigate through visual life, which is also reflected in their work. Self-taught, they have and will continue to pursue artistic skill and knowledge. The artist is open to where their work will take them, as the events in their life will continue to influence them and everything they create. Home is now the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.

Artist Self Portrait, titled Selfie 9x12 oil on canvas board 2020, is a reflection of the artist's journey. With each piece of art, the artist continues to grow and explore new avenues of creativity. Bring a bit of the artist's journey into your home or office by purchasing a print of the artist's work.

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