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Robin Valenzuela

Robin Valenzuela
Garden City, KS

Robin Valenzuela has practiced as a professional artist since 2008, showing at Kansas area galleries and multi-state juried art festivals. Being mostly self-taught, she currently utilizes acrylic paints, including the blending powers of high flow acrylics. They are very ink like and she loves how the colors combine to create organic shapes and how the paint colors flow together to make even further textural values. Other works are created by digital art and prepared for printing and reproductions.

Robin comes from a very creative background, with family members who made sure she experienced art, photography, and writing. She is a product of her family’s influence having been given the many tools as a youngster to be creative. Robin has two associate degrees, fine arts and apparel design & illustration. She now works full time in her dream career as artist, artrepreneur, and freelance graphic designer.

Prior to 2017, she worked (over 15 years) as a graphic designer and pre-press expert for a small printing company. There, she learned a great deal about the printing process and now incorporates that skill to reproduce many of her artworks, along with digital art, into other products for your home. She is an active member with Garden City Arts (Garden City, Kansas) and keeps a retail display within the downtown gallery. She also teaches several art workshops throughout the year.

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