Robert Rollins

Robert Rollins is a multi-talented artist from Newport Beach, California, with a background in animation, watercolor, and photography. Growing up in this beach town, Robert found himself drawn to the aquatic sports, competition, and art of the area. During his time at Newport Harbor High School, Robert's artistry was recognized with the Bank of America Achievement Award and the Lido Marina Village Newport Art Commission.

This recognition allowed Robert to be accepted to California Institute of the Arts, where he refined his skills and gained experience in other aspects of art, such as directing, writing, and producing. Under the mentorship of Robert Winquist and Rudi Fehr, Robert gained experience in these fields and created several short films, many of which have been collected in the science fiction anthology feature film DREAM COUNTRY.

Robert has also made his mark in the art world through his freelance assignments, directing commercials, music videos, and editing for the Southern California Writers Association. His photography has been published in the LA TIMES and the RESTORE HETCH HETCHY Newsletter. His award-winning works, such as KNIGHTFALL, have earned him the prestigious Telly Award.

Robert is currently working on the post production of his second feature film, a documentary entitled THE FRIENDSHIP. It tells the story of Robert's grandfather Robert H. Rollins and his dad Bob Rollins building a 45-foot wooden sailboat in their backyard in Arcadia, California, and racing it in the Transpac - a 2,557 mile sailboat race across the Pacific Ocean from Los Angeles to Honolulu.

If you're looking to add a touch of art to your home or office, take a look at Robert Rollins' portfolio of prints and photography today.

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