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Jan Donnelly


Thanks for visiting my gallery.

I love painting and came back to it as an adult, after being discouraged as a child. I am mostly self taught but I have been helped by some wonderfully inspirational people.

I am British and grew up in Wales and near Liverpool. I've been lucky to live in some wonderful places including Wells, the smallest city in England! I now live in (very rural) Tuscany, Italy, and have been here since 2005. Much of my inspiration is taken from my life here in Italy but I also like to paint ethereal portraits.

I work mainly in oils but am absolutely in love with watercolour at the moment and I'm exploring all aspects of this fantastic medium.

Commissions are welcome if you would like a special picture for a special event or person in your life.

Please check out my gallery here and come back! I'm regularly adding my work here!

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