Jan Donnelly

The artist's passion for painting began as a child, though they were discouraged. Undeterred, the artist is mostly self-taught but has also been influenced by inspirational people. Originally from Britain, growing up in Wales and near Liverpool, the artist had the good fortune to live in several beautiful places, including Wells, the smallest city in England. Currently, they live in rural Tuscany, Italy, where they have been since 2005.

The artist draws their inspiration from their life in Italy, as well as creating ethereal portraits, and works mainly in oils. They are also in love with watercolor, and are exploring its many facets. Commissions are welcome for those looking for a special image to commemorate a person or event.

The artist's photos can be a wonderful addition to any home or office. Check out the gallery and come back often, as new work is added regularly. Get in touch to purchase prints and add a little bit of art to any space.

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