Jan Donnelly

The artist welcomes visitors to their gallery and expresses their love for painting, a passion they rediscovered in adulthood after facing discouragement as a child. Although mostly self-taught, they acknowledge the influence of inspirational figures who have guided them along their artistic journey. Hailing from Wales and near Liverpool, the artist has had the privilege of residing in charming locales such as Wells, the smallest city in England. Currently, they call rural Tuscany, Italy home, drawing inspiration from their surroundings in addition to creating ethereal portraits.

Working primarily with oils, the artist's current fascination lies in exploring the versatile medium of watercolor. They invite commissions for those seeking a customized piece for a special occasion or individual in their lives. Encouraging visitors to peruse their gallery, the artist regularly updates it with new photos of their work. Whether for home or office decor, the artist's prints are available for purchase, offering a unique touch to any space.

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