James Reaves

Reaves Studio
Thousand Oaks, CA

The lure of the American west captivated me as a child. Fascinated by the television show, Rawhide, I spent hours riding my rocking horse off into the sunset. Longing for these "wild and woolly" days of our past left an ache in my heart that can only be assuaged by my art. From brush stroke to brush stroke I relive those days of spurs jingling, gun shots whistling and Bronco busting. The history of "The Wild West" will live forever in my paintings and pastels. I try to grasp the vibrant action with my close-up contemporary compositions of Cowboys, Indians and Bronc riders. My use of strong colors serves to re-enforce the vital action of the west. I hope you, the viewer, can share in this great re-invention of our heritage.

Also, to stave off my appetite to create...I branched out to about anything that acts as my muse.

Please check back often. I will add pieces as I create them.

There are other configurations of the pieces available. Mugs, Larger or Smaller pieces, Cards etc.

Please contact artist: reaves27@verizon.net

Thank you, enjoy.

James Reaves

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