Pavla Haluskova

Fort Worth, TX

Pavla is an artist, resonant healing coach, yoga teacher, sound healing practitionar, intuitive energy healer and spiritual guide. For the past five years, Pavla has been expressing her truth on paper through art. While the final product is visually stunning, the art is really a process of self-discovery. Pavla uses art as a way to address the parts of her that need attention and love. Each line and symbol has a purpose and when there is a shift in her body, Pavla knows the painting is complete.

Pavla paints all she feels, doesn’t feel, wishes to feel, and is becoming. With each painting, Pavla creates a sacred space inside of her for healing and transformation. When viewers connect with her art, they can experience what arises within them. Art and creativity is a way in which we experience life, as we are all creators. Through her art, Pavla encourages people to trust their feelings and emotions as they are carriers of personal truth.

Pavla's prints are available for home and office decor. By purchasing her prints, viewers can bring the beauty of her art into their everyday life.

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