Pavla Haluskova

Fort Worth, TX

Pavla is an artist, healing coach, yoga teacher, sound healing practitioner, intuitive energy healer, and spiritual guide. All of their offerings are grounded in spirituality and cutting-edge neurobiology and neuroscience.

Five years ago, Pavla found a passion for expressing themselves through art. It is not about the final product, but rather a process of following their feelings and emotions. Each line and symbol has its own meaning and significance. By expressing their truth on paper, Pavla also acknowledges all the parts of them that need something.

Pavla paints what they feel, don't feel, wish to feel, are, and are becoming. They paint where they come from and everything that is happening inside of them. In this way, they use art as a form of magic.

As viewers, Pavla encourages us to connect to their work and see what arises within us. Art and creativity is how we experience life. We are all creators. Emotions and feelings are carriers of our personal truth.

Pavla's photos are more than just home and office decor - they are an invitation to engage with the emotions and feelings of others. Experience life through art and purchase Pavla's prints today.

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