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Lennie Ciliento

"I have been creating pictures using washi tape since 2010. Before that I was learning to draw and dabbled in charcoal, acrylics, pencils, tissue paper, and pastels. The style of my work has changed over time, and often I waver on my choice to create art using one particular medium."

Mixed media artist Lennie Ciliento is most recognized for his use of paper-based materials such as Japanese washi tape and stained tissue. "I create art in order to tell a story," he says. "Everyone and everything in my pictures have a reason for being there. They each have a role to play." Through his use of geometric and organic shapes, dynamic colors, and patterns, his work has been described as impressionistic and grounded in a reality which borders on the whimsical. Interested in a balance between busy city life and quiet, intimate moments, Lennie Ciliento fashions a pictorial narrative that invites viewers to make personal connections and seek out their own universal truths about love, self, and everyday living.

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