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Portland, OR

Born and raised in New England, the artist spent their formative years exploring the natural beauty of New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont, as well as experiencing the urban diversity of the greater New York City area in SW Connecticut. After graduating from high school, they ventured westward to earn an Art Degree from Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, specializing in acrylic painting, ceramics, and sculpture.

Throughout their young adult years, the artist used painting as a medium to delve into human emotion through characterization and color. However, as time passed, their focus shifted towards supporting a family and raising two sons, leaving little time for artistic pursuits. Now, after many years away from the canvas, they are eager to reignite their creative energy and see where it will take them.

With a renewed passion for art, the artist is excited to share their work with the world once again. Their prints are perfect for adding a touch of beauty to any home or office decor. Don't miss the opportunity to own a piece of their unique and emotive artwork - purchase a print today and bring a little piece of their creative vision into your own space.

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