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Marsha M. Bowers

My name is Marsha Bowers and I specialize in fine art paintings and decorative art. I live in California and work with clients from all over the country and also Canada.

I offer fine art paintings, painted furniture, murals, trompe l'oeil, gilded art/furniture, illustration and design. All art is individually created by myself in my studio.

Through my fine art I express my personal view of the world around me and within me. My art continues to evolve and grow as my experiences and perceptions change. I am fascinated and awed by nature and the connection it has with us. Nature and flowers are portrayed in many of my paintings. I am classically trained in the old Masters techniques of Flemish/Bistre and Venetian method using a grisaille underpainting and glazing with many layers. Some of my paintings are rendered using this technique and others a more direct approach.

Besides my fine art paintings I am skilled in decorative art which include murals, trompe l'oeil, painted furniture and fine faux finishes such as gilding and verre eglomisé (reverse gilding on glass)

My Business website is Zulim Bowers Designs

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