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Valerie G. Henry

Koru Photo Designs
Park City, UT

Valerie Glavieux Henry is an acclaimed wild horse and mustang photographer based in Park City, Utah. Born in Paris, France, and raised in Montreal, Canada, Valerie has always been captivated by the beauty of the United States and Canada. Her passion for wild mustangs, vintage motorcycles, and all things in between drove her to teach herself photography.

Valerie's unique perspective is a key element of her work. She captures the raw beauty and subtle communication between wild mustangs, as well as their tender moments, playfulness, and strength. She is dedicated to bringing awareness to the ongoing plight of North America's wild mustangs.

A portion of all print sales are donated to organizations such as the American Wild Horse Campaign, which is dedicated to keeping wild mustangs free and wild for future generations.

Valerie Glavieux Henry's stunning photography captures the beauty of the American West. Her unique perspective and dedication to preserving the wild mustangs of North America make her prints ideal for home and office decor. Support this wild horse advocate and purchase her prints today!

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