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Danna Roberts

At the age of 7, I wanted to be an artist. The pencil was my magic wand, my get away. My escape from the madness of my childhood. My family were poor so the pencil was all I had. Somewhere along the line I lost my passion for creating. Between the constant fighting of my mother and father and later step father. The rapes, the beatings, the responsibility my mother, gave me to raise my sisters while she was working or gone for weekends at a time my passion laid hidden for a long time.

Something in me died. Through poverty, two dysfunctional marriages, and lots of struggles to be better than my past. I raised now 4 children, alone.

I learned to tell my story, surrounded myself with positive, loving people. with the guidance of my Aunt Janice, I learned to read and read tons of self help and spiritual books. I found my creative side again.

I’m now a 73, Grandmother with Grand kids and Great Grand kids, I am proud to say are living a much better life and I'm free to focus on my passion. I have a thriving Real Estate business that finally affords me the money and time to invest in me. My dreams, my creative side. I call my work Eclectic Creations because I don't focus on one medium. Whatever my spirit calls me to do, I try. If I don't like, I move on and try something else and most of the time, I don't quit until I perfect the skill. Then I'm bored and with no one to tell me what I can or cannot do, I just do.

Thank you for taking the time to find me and my works, Visit my site at and sharing your thoughts. If you are an artist like me, come sell your wares also. "If not Now, when?

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