M. Donna Good

Rodeo Queen Fine Art
San Antonio, TX

M. Donna Good, born in 1941 in Muskogee, Oklahoma, is an associate member of The Texas Watercolor Society and River Art Group Gallery in historic La Villita on the San Antonio Riverwalk. Her watercolor paintings and mixed media artworks offer a unique perspective on beauty that is deeply rooted in contemporary discourse. Good seamlessly incorporates references and ideas into her compositions, inviting viewers to delve into the intricate details that evoke a sense of nostalgia and wonder long after they have left the piece.

Donna's paintings blur the lines between reality and imagination, particularly in her exploration of floral and landscape themes. While her works are inspired by her own vision, they are grounded in the tangible aspects of nature that shape our world. Through her art, she examines the interplay of landscapes, manipulating their effects to challenge our preconceived notions of the natural world. Her vibrant color palette creates illusions that transport viewers to the realms of their own imagination.

Her layered translucent watercolor works are a reflection of her deep connection to the art of painting, influenced by her travels with her husband, Bob, across various states in the U.S. Her exploration of watercolor landscapes pays homage to the rich history of the medium, showcasing her mastery of traditional techniques. M. Donna Good currently resides and creates in San Antonio, Texas, where she is celebrated for her exquisitely detailed floral watercolor paintings and her passion for jigsaw puzzles. To enhance the beauty of your home or office, consider purchasing prints of her captivating works.

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