Margaret R. Isensee

Margaret Isensee spent most of her life in Marcellus, NY, where she earned a BA in Art from SUNY Oswego. Here, she studied under some of the most renowned contemporary artists, including Laurie Smith, Matthew Friday, and Donalee Peden Wesley. She focused on both black/white and color photography under Professor Smith. In 2009, Margaret moved to San Antonio, Texas, where she began experimenting with digital photography. She is an active member of the Photo SA meetup group and has competed in multiple monthly and yearly competitions, receiving awards from the Annual San Antonio Photo Tournament. She is also a member of International Christian Photographers.

Margaret is a master of realism, using a variety of media in her artwork. She mostly works with photography, but is not afraid to experiment with color and black and white. She has an eye for the small details of beauty, from dilapidated barns to the light shining through a wine glass. Her photos capture moments in time and tell stories that could not be written on a computer.

Let Margaret Isensee take you off the beaten path. See the world in a new way and find something special in each photo. Add a unique piece of art to your home or office by purchasing Margaret's prints today.

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