Margaret R. Isensee

Margaret Isensee is an artist with a passion for realism, exploring the beauty of God's world through photography. While she appreciates the clichés of sunsets and landscapes, she finds inspiration in the smaller details often overlooked by others. From a dilapidated barn to an ant crawling across the sidewalk, Margaret sees the potential for art in the everyday. She believes that photographers can be storytellers, using their cameras to capture moments and create narratives that resonate with viewers.

Originally from Marcellus, NY, Margaret studied photography under the guidance of renowned artists such as Laurie Smith, Matthew Friday, and Donalee Peden Wesley at SUNY Oswego. After relocating to San Antonio, Texas, she expanded her skills in digital photography and became an active member of the local photography community. Margaret has participated in various competitions and received accolades for her work, demonstrating her commitment to honing her craft and pushing the boundaries of her creativity.

For those looking to experience Margaret's unique perspective through her photos, she invites you to take a moment to explore each piece and discover the stories behind them. Whether you're seeking artwork for your home or office, her prints offer a glimpse into the world as seen through her lens. Embrace the beauty of the ordinary and add a touch of creativity to your space by purchasing Margaret Isensee's photography for your décor needs.

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