Jolene Dames

Jolene Dames, a gypsy at heart, spends her days immersed in the world of filmmaking while finding solace in painting. Specializing in large scale paintings, Jolene draws inspiration from designed renderings and photographs, whether her own or provided by clients. Her extensive travels have taken her to all 50 states and over 15 countries, fueling her creative spirit and providing a unique perspective for her artwork.

With over two decades of experience in the movie and television industry, Jolene has worked on blockbuster films such as The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, and A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. Her passion for storytelling extends beyond the screen, as she uses painting as a form of artistic expression and a means to maintain her sanity. Self-taught and drawing from her background as a scenic artist, Jolene's paintings are a reflection of the diverse landscapes and cultures she has encountered during her travels.

As a storyteller by happenstance, Jolene's writing and paintings are a testament to the adventures she has embarked on throughout her life. Her blog, Red On the Road, captures the essence of her experiences and allows her to share her unique perspective with others. For those looking to bring a piece of Jolene's wanderlust and creativity into their homes or offices, her prints are the perfect choice for adding a touch of inspiration and beauty to any space.

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