Linda S. Dietzen

Linda Dietzen
Climax, NC

Linda Dietzen, known for her stunning landscape scenes in acrylic, has a unique journey that led her to her passion for painting. Despite her junior high school art teacher's encouragement to continue taking art classes, Linda chose a different path that didn't involve art. Instead, she pursued a degree from Metropolitan State College in Denver, Colorado, and later focused on raising four children and working as a bookkeeper.

It wasn't until Linda turned 50 that she discovered her love for music, learning to play the violin and mandolin. She even performed with various groups at local fiddlers conventions and other venues. Now, she enjoys weekly jam sessions with musician friends, where they come together to play and have a great time. However, the desire to draw and paint was always present in the background, waiting for the right moment to resurface.

After retiring, Linda finally had the time to pursue her interest in painting. While she may not have started as late in life as Grandma Moses, she firmly believes that it's never too late to try something new. Her philosophy reflects in her beautiful landscape paintings, which she hopes will bring joy and interest to any home or office space. For those interested in adding a touch of nature to their decor, Linda's prints are the perfect choice. Contact Linda at her email address to purchase these unique and captivating pieces for your space.

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