Linda S. Dietzen

Linda Dietzen
Climax, NC

Linda Dietzen paints landscape scenes in acrylic. This wasn’t always the case. If Linda had listened to her junior high school art teacher and continued to take art classes through high school, as advised, Linda may have had more of an interesting art history to report here. But sadly, that did not happen.

She continued her avoidance of art through college. She did earn a degree from Metropolitan State College, in Denver, Colorado, but it wasn’t in art! The next few decades included getting married, raising four children and working as a bookkeeper.

When she turned 50 she learned to play the violin, then the mandolin. She liked it so much that she played in a few different groups that performed in local fiddlers conventions and other venues. Now she enjoys getting together with two of her musician friends once a week so that they can play and just have fun!

Through all of this, though, the desire to draw or paint was not too far in the background. It turned out that pursuing her interest in painting would be an excellent way to fill her time after she retired. Though not quite as old as Grandma Moses when she began painting in earnest, Linda wasn’t far from that particular benchmark!

Her philosophy is that you’re never too old to try something new.

Any of these prints will surely become a point of interest in your home or office and Linda hopes you will enjoy them as much as she enjoyed painting them.

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