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Larry Reinhart

In Northern Oregon, I spent much of my young life running through open fields and creating forts in the surrounding dense forests. I loved stories, using my imagination, and creating things with my hands. When I began to put my creative ideas on paper memories of my imaginary adventures influenced me and I knew one day I would share these ideas with others. This led me to move to Southern California to pursue my artistic studies. I graduated with Honors of Distinction from the Art Center College of Design with a BFA in Illustration. Here I received my sought after formal education in traditional realist art and visual storytelling.

After graduating, I immediately put my education to the test and entered the commercial illustration market where within I ran a successful business for over fifteen years. I worked with some world renowned clients like Mattel, Leap Frog, Scholastic and Warner Bros where I worked on visual development for the first Harry Potter movie. I really grew as an artist during these years but to be honest I was missing something; the freedom to create my personal art. So, in 2010 I officially quit all commercial illustration work so I could develop my own voice and my own body of work.

Ten years later my quest for the imaginary wilds is still alive within me and I strive to bring this into my art. After all, everyone who walks through the woods will see, feel, and remember various things and thus react differently. To other examples of my art work please visit my website at or follow me on Instagram @larry_reinhart.

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