Larry Reinhart

Growing up in Northern Oregon, Larry Reinhart spent much of his young life running through open fields and building forts in the surrounding dense forests. His love for stories, creativity, and the use of his hands lead him to pursue his artistic dreams and move to Southern California. Larry's ambition paid off as he graduated with Honors of Distinction from the Art Center College of Design with a BFA in Illustration.

Larry put his education to good use and entered the commercial illustration market where he ran a successful business for over fifteen years. He worked with some of the most prestigious clients, such as Mattel, Leap Frog, Scholastic and Warner Bros, and even had a hand in the first Harry Potter movie. Although Larry enjoyed his work, he knew he was missing something; the freedom to create his own art. So, in 2010 he officially quit all commercial illustration work to develop his own voice and work.

Ten years later, Larry Reinhart's quest for the imaginary wilds is still alive within him and it shows in his photography. His work captures all the sights, feelings and memories of his childhood adventures, allowing everyone to experience it in their own unique way. To view his work and purchase prints for home and office decor, please visit his website.

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