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Farmington Hills, MI

Growing up in Budapest, Istvan Karolyi fondly remembers watching his father create magic in their small apartment's makeshift photo lab. This experience motivated him to pursue an M.S. in photochemistry. He soon found himself working for one of the largest European photo-manufacturing companies, Forte Photochemical Industries, as the technical manager of their photo processing lab.

However, a desire to create art of his own led Istvan to defect to the US in 1979. After a few years of working in a professional photo lab, he opened his own studio specializing in architectural photography. Despite the transition to digital photography, Istvan still practices some of the same disciplines he learned in the old days. His work has been published in magazines and books, including a book about the Budapest Opera House and Europe's largest synagogue, the Dohany Street Synagogue. He has also had exclusive exhibitions in the US and Europe.

Istvan's work has been featured in countless private homes and offices, decorating their walls with his photos. To appreciate his wall decor related work, check out the following video: If you are looking for beautiful, unique pieces to decorate your home or office, make sure to purchase Istvan Karolyi's prints.

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