Kyndall Potts

Kyndall Potts Art
Pickerington, OH

As a child, the artist was always creative and artistic. But life had other plans, and motherhood and a career took precedence. Now retired, the artist has returned to their early passion and now works primarily in acrylics. The artist loves color, texture, and faces and often finds themselves gravitating towards bold, vibrant, and unexpected hues. Faces and figures are dominant in their work, inspired by people they have never met, but develop a relationship with as they paint, creating stories to accompany their art. Nature also plays a part in the artist's work, with bumblebees, horses, and other creatures finding their way into the art.

Each day brings a new adventure for the artist as they never know what will strike their fancy next. It could be an easy birth or one that is more challenging, but the act of creating and giving life to these visions is what makes the artist ridiculously happy.

This artist's work is the perfect addition for any home or office decor. Browse their prints and find the perfect piece for your space today!

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