Kyndall Potts

Kyndall Potts Art
Pickerington, OH

An artistic individual from a young age, the artist's creative pursuits were put on hold due to the demands of motherhood and a career in the corporate world. Now retired, they have returned to their early passion, primarily working with acrylics and focusing on color, texture, and faces in their pieces. Their preference for bold, vibrant, and unexpected colors is evident in their work, which often features faces and figures that they develop relationships with through storytelling as they paint. The artist's fascination with people extends to nature as well, incorporating bumblebees, horses, and various other creatures into their creations.

With a mind constantly buzzing with ideas, the artist finds themselves with a multitude of potential paintings waiting to be brought to life. Whether the process is smooth or challenging, the act of creating and giving life to their visions brings them immense joy. This joy is what drives them to continue painting, exploring new themes and subjects with each piece they create. The artist's passion for their craft is evident in the emotion and detail present in every photo they produce.

For those looking to add a touch of color and emotion to their home or office decor, prints of the artist's work are available for purchase. Each piece tells a unique story and is sure to spark conversation and inspiration wherever it is displayed. Embrace the beauty and creativity of the artist's work by bringing a piece into your space today.

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