Kyndall Potts

Kyndall Potts Art
Pickerington, OH

As a child, creativity was second nature for them. However, adult life intervened in the form of motherhood and a corporate career. After retirement, this individual was able to return to their earliest passion for art. Acrylics are the primary medium they use to create their vibrant, bold and often unexpected pieces. Faces and figures dominate their artwork, as they are fascinated by people and the stories that come along with them. Other creatures such as bumblebees, horses, and more appear in their work as they are also drawn to nature.

Every day brings something new for this artist; a dozen ideas swirling around in their head, each one unique and begging to be brought to life. While some pieces come together easily, others can be more challenging. Nevertheless, the act of creating gives them a sense of joy and satisfaction. This is why they choose to paint.

Take the opportunity to view and purchase their art prints for your home and office. Enjoy the beauty of vibrant color, the texture of the medium, and the stories that each print tells.

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