Kristie H. Cross

KrisCross Art
Staunton, VA

Born in late February during a swirl of snow storm at King’s Daughters Hospital in Staunton, Virginia, the artist spent their childhood days with a crayon in one hand and a fly-swatter in the other. Their time was filled with coloring, concocting mixtures of dirt and flowers, swatting bugs, and befriending feral cats. As an adult, they found themselves stuck in boring office jobs after dropping out of college twice, eventually earning a bachelor’s degree in Classics/Latin from UVA at the age of 38. Transitioning to real estate five years ago, they found joy in making connections between people and houses.

When the pandemic struck, the artist found themselves redecorating their guest room and delving into the world of art. Watching YouTube tutorials and indulging in art supplies reminiscent of their childhood, they developed an obsession with art and a quest for flow-state. Their preferred medium became charcoal on plain drawing paper, finding solace in the creative process. Before venturing into visual art, they poured their heart out on a blog on Medium, sharing absurd personal memoirs and poems.

Currently residing in a magical house surrounded by oak trees in Staunton, VA, the artist spends most of their time in a cozy studio, where they have embraced the creative chaos of their work. Dreaming of a move to Calgary in the future, they envision a life filled with woolen layers, ice-skating, and befriending a new feline companion named John Singer. For those looking to add a touch of creativity to their home or office decor, prints of the artist's work are available for purchase.

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