Kelsey Brooke

Kelsey Brooke Reynolds

Brownsburg, VA

I grew up in a very small, rural town in the mountains of Virginia. From an early age I yearned to see the world beyond our tiny community, so I began traveling in college. Something no one else in my family has ever done. With every trip it lights a new fire within to keep adventuring and experiencing new places, people, cultures. My art always undoubtedly falls back to capturing the places I've been, through photography and painting. To permanently fix those fleeting memories into tangible, physical works of art that can fill my walls and surround me with my adventures. And hopefully help beautify someone else's home as well! To remind them of a place they've also been and the memories they hold, or inspire them to a place they've always dreamed of going.

After college, I moved back to that small town in the mountains, where everything is created in a corner of my tiny living room. Surrounded by my great dane, Moose and his little cat brother, Oliver. Daydreaming of my next adventure.


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