Kathy Minnich

Kathy Minnich
Fort Wayne, IN

The artist believes that creativity is a therapeutic outlet that brings happiness. They view art as a way to tap into their innate creative soul, which they believe we are all born with but often encouraged to suppress. Growing up as the oldest of nine children in a household that embraced individuality, they quickly delved into their own world of creativity at a young age.

After earning a degree in Graphic Design and Marketing, with a minor in Fine Art, the artist continued to pursue various artistic endeavors both professionally and in their free time. With a wealth of experience working with clients from all over the country, they have found joy in their work. Transitioning from co-owning an advertising agency to now working from their home studio with a select group of clients, the artist also creates consignment art.

Today, the artist's passion lies in tapping into creative sound frequencies and allowing their inner vision to guide their artistic process. Sometimes they have a clear vision of what their artwork will look like, while other times it emerges spontaneously from a blank canvas. They also draw inspiration from their sketches and doodles when creating new pieces.

For those looking to add a touch of creativity to their home or office decor, the artist's prints are available for purchase. Each piece is a unique expression of their imaginative creativity and would make a vibrant addition to any space.

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