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Kathryn Ruth Lairmore

Kathryn Ruth was born and raised in Texas and has been creating visual art since she first picked up a paintbrush. After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art from Baylor University in 2014, Kathryn and her husband chose to stay in Waco.

Kathryn's acrylic paintings bring to life natural and manmade subjects. From birds and cacti to people and pets, Kathryn captures the small, often overlooked moments of beauty in a chaotic world. Her vibrant, lifelike pieces bring joy to homes and offices.

Homes and offices can now enjoy the beauty of Kathryn's art with her prints. From wall art to coffee mugs, Kathryn's prints are the perfect way to bring a touch of color and joy to any space. For those interested in owning an original or commissioning a custom painting, Kathryn can be contacted directly via email.

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