K.A. Wesly

Wesly Art Creations
Olive Branch, MS

My name is K.A. Wesly, and I create works that explore the beauty of nature the and universe. Through my drawings and photos, I intend to take the viewer on a visual journey across various ideas that highlight both the subtle details of nature and everyday objects, as well as the powerful and extraordinary details of existence.

As a child, I was often described as sensitive, a tree hugger, a walking animal encyclopedia, some form of "kid who cares too much about (insert an animal or insect here)", inquisitive, and a daydreamer. I have always extressesed these traits through thinking of stories, asking a lot of questions, or drawing pictures.

With that, I plan to explore philosophies around the natural world, and sometimes humanity's place in it, with you using elements of realism in some works, and fantasy in others to create a captivating environment. I invite everyone to escape into a dreamscape, but to also feel reality, in an awe-inspiring way.

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